Our Mission

Digital Dental Craftsmen is dedicated to advancing the field of dentistry by providing comprehensive education at all levels, generating promotional opportunities for experts and companies while sharing in a supportive community unbound by language, geography or occupation. We aim to help anyone in dentistry expand their knowledge and improve their skill sets to enhance their career and practice. Join us in the movement to empower dental professionals pursue excellence for the evolution of dentistry.

Dental Education Platform

Join our community of educators and bring your business to the front line of education by partnering with us!

What does DDC Provide?

In our integrated platform we combine visual training with a virtual environment which humanizes learning online. Here are some of the things you will find:

  • Instructors - Over 50 DDC Instructors from around the world with expertise in various disciplines and techniques comprised of dentists and technicians assemble a team of educators that can reach a global audience

  • DDC World - Conference-style virtual reality platform accessible 24/7 for educational events and networking among dental professionals to generate targeted leads

  • On-Demand Courses - Click-and-play courses on concepts and techniques in wide range of topics in dentistry

  • Hands-On Courses - In-person and remote virtual courses with student enrollment to attend course

  • Remote Access - Register to virtually attend a live lecture on various course topics with the experience of an In-person course

  • Efficient and convenient to obtain CE Credits for courses and events

Partner Benefits

As a DDC Partner, you will enjoy a variety of marketing and educational opportunities for your customers. As well as you will help us bring Dental Education worldwide!

Here is a list of the things you can do as a Partner Member:

  • Company Booth in DDC World

  • Organically promote your company in a conference-style booth accessible 24/7

  • Diplay your products and services to a targeted audience of dental professionals

  • Pre-event flyer & information in social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedinDDC Study Group events, On-demand courses, Hands-on courses

  • DDC Study Group events, On-demand courses, Hands-on courses

  • One DDC Study Group Product/Technical Demo slot per month

  • Stream and post company's presentation as special edition in DDC Study Group

  • Display company name and logo on homepage

  • Clickable logo linked to dedicated page with company's content

  • One email campaign per month to DDC members

Partner Contribution

Tier Pricing is per month with mandatory 3-month term (6-month 10% / 1-year 15% discount). First month is free for new partners.

Important Information

Once you purchase a membership you will be able to download brochures, logos and emblems. The brochure will give you a more details about the booths. Once you subscribe we need you to sign the Partner Program Agreement and send it back to us. Thank you!

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    Partner Welcome Package

    • Partnership Agreement

    • Submit Signed Documents

    • DDC Branding