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In this course by Joshua Jackson, he teaches tips and tricks that can be used in the Exocad software

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    Exocad Trips & Tricks

    • How to Make a Jaw Scan from a Scan of a Denture

    • How to Make a Prep model from a Wax-Up

    • How to Scan a Denture

    • How to make Baseplates

    • Designing an All Acrylic Partial

    • Learn the Difference Between Crowns, Copings and Pontics

    • Full Denture Model Single Arch Set-Up

    • Full Denture Module Analysis

    • How to Fix Borders on Copy Denture Records

    • Immediate Denture Design

    • Screw-Retained Bridge from Digital Wax-Up

    • Separate Teeth from Base Wax-Up Technique