Starts November 28th and will run until December 4th @ 10:00 am EST-1 - NY Time - Scroll Down to Register!

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Lecture: The Ivotion Digital Denture

In this study group presentation, denturist Eric Kukucka explains the Ivotion digital denture workflow created by Ivolcar. The Ivotion Denture System comprises a complete digital manufacturing process which allows you to create top-quality removable dentures. This integrated workflow involves digital laboratory fabrication methods and established clinical treatment steps. The new monolithic Ivotion disc, which is at the core of this system, features both tooth and denture base materials.

Weekly Online Conference

In the DDC WORLD Auditorium

Head to the DDC Auditorium. To enter the auditorium you must be registered on this website. Once registered click on the DDC WORLD button at to the top by the search bar. When you get to The Auditorium click on the screen and enter the password received when you registered for this event. Check your spam for the email confirmation. This event is on-demand and will run all week. It will end on Saturday, December 5th.