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3Shape Mastership Program - Module 3

Complete Denture Workshop


Sander Polanco

Course date:  

November 13th and 14th 2020

Location:  355 Post Ave Suite 101 Westbury NY 11590

Course description:

Digital dentures have been proven to be a much more comfortable denture over traditional dentures. When your teeth and jaw are properly lined up, your mouth can’t help but feel comfortable. The secret behind Digital denture is that breakthrough software controls the manufacturing process.

Precise and functional in just a few steps. The workflow begins with the impression and registration of the patient situation, using clinical tools to optimize the individual data collection.  This information is transferred to the design software using an add-on. It is included in the denture design. Subsequently, a CAM unit designed for the particular indication, mills or 3D prints the denture base from appropriate materials.

  • Learn to design on the 3Shape Dental Software
  • Learn to design in a systematic way
  • Speed up your design process
  • Understand how to utilize all the design tools
  • Become a proficient 3Shape dental designer
  • Learn tips and tricks
  • Learn to print dentures
  • Learn to post process dentures

Course outline:

In Module 3 of the 3Shape Mastership Program students will be instructed on how to setup and design an all digitally processed complete denture, Immediate Denture and Transitional Denture ready for implant conversions with 3Shape Dental System. This course will also cover 3D printing and design of partial partial frames. The course is approved by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology for 16 hours of CE credits.

Presented by Sander Polanco, MDT, DTG, DDC & Justin Marks CDT, DDC.

Day 1 9am-5pm


  • Clinical Recommendations for proper digital records for full denture
  • DSD for full denture patient for the best patient clinic lab communication
  • AFT Dento-Facial Scanner Integration for patient digitization
  • Integrations of the digitized patient into 3shape Full Denture Designer
  • Proper alignment of the virtual articulator with the digital patient, same as using a face bow.


  • Designing a digital custom tray, occlusal rims, and centric tracing devices
  • Full denture designing protocols, tips, and tricks
  • Different options for printing and milling
  • Full denture designing for implant conversions. Immediate denture designing.

Day 2  9am-5pm


  • 3D Printing vs milling full dentures


  • Assembly of milled or printed components for full or partial dentures: monolithic materials
  • Restoration options
  • Characterization of full and partial dentures with Bredent Crea.lign Pastes and flowable composites