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3Shape Mastership Program - Module 1

Fundamentals of 3Shape Dental Design Outline


Jeffry Tobon

Course date:  

January 15th -17th 2021



Course description:

If you wish to fully harness the power of digital, you must fully harness the power of 3shape.  The adoption rate of digital dentistry is accelerating. By utilizing the powerful digital tools within the 3Shape dental system, its is now possible to design complex cases at the comfort of a digital workstation. Understanding how to use these digital tools is imperative for a dental specialists aiming to stay on the cutting edge.This course focuses on giving students hands-on experience with 3shape.  Step-by-step, we will begin to understand the fundamental tools within the 3Shape dental system. Students will follow along and design a wide variety of sample cases, each with its own unique obstacles, characteristics, and requirements. Through practice, students will develop an understanding of how each design tool within 3Shape functions, and when/how to use each one effectively.

  • Learn to design on the 3Shape Dental Software
  • Learn to design in a systematic way
  • Speed up your design process
  • Understand how to utilize all the design tools
  • Become a proficient 3Shape dental designer
  • Learn tips and tricks

Course outline:

Getting started with 3shape

The first day of this course will cover the basics of 3Shape. Creating, importing/exporting cases, selecting materials, and more are expected within the Dental Manager. Example cases will then be provided to each student and will be designed together as a class. Designing on 3Shape is taught in a systematic way that helps students achieve good quality designs even when they have never designed before.  

See below for the design concepts that will be covered :

Day 1 - 9am-1pm EST

  1. 1.Dental Manager
  2. Settings
  3. Order Form
  4. Tools
  5. Posterior Design

Day 2  -  9am-1pm EST

  1. Anterior Design
  2. Inlay/Onlay Design
  3. Frame Design
  4. Facial Cutback Design
  5. Veneer Design
  6. Diagnostic Wax-Up Design

Day 3  -  9am-1pm EST

  1. Abutment Design
  2. Split File Design
  3. Virtual Temporary Design
  4. Screw-Retained Design
  5. Full Arch Hybrid Design