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CAD, On-Demand

Glimpse Into The Future Bridge Reduction Workflow With 3Shape (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00

CAD, On-Demand

Blue Sky Plan Ortho Planning (1CE)

1 Lessons $49.99

CAD, On-Demand

Digital Wax Ups - Getting It Altogether (1CE)

3 Lessons $10.00

Dentures, On-Demand

Digital Dentures - The Future is Now (1CE)

3 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Dentures

Zbrush For Dentures (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00


Do Analógico ao Digital-Digital Dentures -Language: Portuguese (1CE)

5 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Implants, On-Demand

Full Arch Implant Prosthesis & Presurgical Prototype Planning (1CE)

2 Lessons $10.00


Implantes Monoblock: La Otra Cara de la Implantologia (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Dentures, Implants, On-Demand

Digital Immediate Loading and Locking Guides (1CE)

3 Lessons $10.00

CAD, On-Demand

Full Arch Hybrid With 3D Face Design (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Implants, On-Demand

How to Design Bar & Suprastructure on Exocad (1CE)

5 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Dentures, Implants, On-Demand

CAD & CAM Methodologies in Full Mouth Rehabilitation (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00


Adamo's Art Gallery

13 Lessons $30.00 / month

Dentures, On-Demand

Smart Denture Conversions (1CE)

2 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Implants, On-Demand

Full Arch In-House Workflow (1CE)

5 Lessons $10.00

CAD, On-Demand

A systematic Approach to Designing on 3Shape (1CE)

1 Lessons $30.00

CAD, Dentures, On-Demand

Designing Full Arch Hybrids Using Denture Module on 3Shape (1CE)

4 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Ceramics, On-Demand

Morfologia Dental Para La Aplicacion Digital (1CE)

3 Lessons $10.00

CAD, Implants, On-Demand

Quick Bar and Hybrid Design on Exocad (1CE)

1 Lessons $69.99


Full Mouth Rehabilitation & The Oral Design Team Workflow (1CE)

3 Lessons $10.00

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DDC World is a virtual reality platform for the dental industry. It’s free to join and accessible from any PC, MAC, or Android device. Immerse in the environment to attend events, explore booths, check out products, interact with other members and much more!

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I took a course with DDC and it completely revolutionized my workflow. Totally amazed by what we can do digitally. 2 days of designing lots and lots of crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, dentures, custom abutments, screw retained crowns, smile design, dentures and bite splints was amazing. Highly recommend this group and courses for all lab techs and dentists. DDC is a great community for bringing us together to share the knowledge and help each other grow and succeed. Their courses will put you right up there with the best of them!

John C. Downey, DDS

General dentist from Ithaca, MI


"Hey Craftsmen!!"

I decided to bring the lab in-house and transition to a full digital protocol. Boxes are arriving and it seems real. Big thanks to Digital Dental Craftsmen their tireless work to guide us through this project. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the construction, the implementation, the challenges, the successes. I suspect it will take us weeks and months to get in a groove and find our way with the number of new toys we will be learning. We know that with DDC and all of the education they bring we will be successful!

Nick Brand, DDS

Owner at Dental Implants of Ocala


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